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Stuart Drew


Stuart Drew has a 25 year of achieving results in roles spanning rookie manager to board level, in organizations as diverse as global multinational corporations and technology startups. His most recent role was as Executive Vice-President for HCL Technologies Ltd where he was responsible for a $500m global business unit. Stuart has worked for a ‘big 4’ global consulting firm and served as non-executive director of an exchange listed company. He has been the chairman of a private members club and also a European trade association. He has extensive management experience in working with private and public sector organizations. This career experience, across global cultures and industries, has provided Stuart with a unique insight in today’s management challenges.

Stuart is also the author of the Amazon bestselling book “The Liberated Manager”, which helps managers control their destiny through appreciating and developing their Personal Share Price (PSP), a concept he created. The development of PSP has enabled teams managed by Stuart to achieve remarkable differentiated success.