Case Study — Improve Customer Retention

17 Sep, 2020 By Jeremy

The Client, a large technology company, had an established Customer Advisory Council program with a history of past successes. However, after 3 years and several executive changes, it had diminished to a fun getaway for Customers, who would send mid-level team members instead of senior people


  • The event was being used by the Client’s sales leaders to push the latest offerings
  • Customers would delegate down as they did not know the purpose of the meeting
  • Conversations were one sided, with no follow up actions agreed upon

What we did

  • Understand and explain to the Client’s senior leadership that their Customers
    would appreciate help with improving their services and guiding new offerings
  • Flip the format such that Customers would present and network for 70% of future meetings, while the Client would speak for 30% of the time or less. The Client would focus on its new offerings and progress on implementing suggestions from Customers
  • The Client and its customers mutually agreed to a year long journey reinventing
    the program as a serious and transformative shared undertaking


  • The event-based approach was reimagined as a specific, year long campaign
  • Attendance was refocused on CxOs of Global 500 companies with no delegation
  • The Client and its Customers recommitted the CAC program to a shared purpose, meaningful shared stakes and common goals
  • The program spawned multiple workgroups working on separate themes which would converge towards solutions to the big business challenge the group had identified