Technology Specific Advisory Boards

Technology Advisory Boards allow you to dive deeply into critical and complex technology areas and innovate collaboratively with your most strategic customers. They allow you to tailor your offerings to customers’ needs and incorporate fresh thinking, while strengthening your relationships and relevance.

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Cloud Advisory Boards

Help customers maximize their cloud effectiveness and realize their business goals

GenAI Advisory Boards

Collaborate to define best practices in GenAI and help customers realize ROI

Data Advisory Boards

Drive customer adoption of enterprise data best practices, standards and governance

Cybersecurity Advisory Boards

Stay at the cutting edge of cybersecurity strategy, risk control, technology and planning

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Digital Advisory Boards

Join forces with customers to help them realize their digital transformation objectives

ERP Advisory Boards

Guide customers towards success in complex, high-stakes ERP transformation journeys

Market-Facing Councils

Market-facing Councils allow you to look beyond internal and customer perspectives to understand and incorporate market realities into your go-to-market. They allow you to collaborate with your partner ecosystem and superusers on how to stay ahead of the market on functionality, pricing and offering design, as well as generate real thought leadership to boost your brand.

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Partner Ecosystem Councils

Propel go-to-market success through candid discussions with strategic partners

Product Advisory Councils

Harness customer expertise to advance product functionality and market demand

Thought Leadership Councils

Create true thought leadership to elevate brand and improve market perceptions

Business Benefits

Strengthen Your Brand

  • Demonstrate your authority and relevance in key technology areas
  • Develop a reputation for active listening and honest communication
  • Build credible, actionable thought leadership to lead your market

Boost Products & Channels

  • Obtain real market insight about what customers will really buy
  • Deepen relationships and dialogs with strategic partners
  • Reinforce your product commitments to your users

Improve Revenue & Margin

  • Stimulate new customer spending
  • Co-innovate to foster new high-value collaborations
  • Connect revenue growth to customer outcomes

Case Study


Service Provider Reimagines Cloud Offerings Based On Cloud Advisory Board Feedback

Responding to the crowded and undifferentiated nature of the cloud services market, our client saw an opportunity to develop market-leading cloud offerings by collaborating closely with its global customers. It established a Cloud Advisory Board program in North America, Europe/Middle East and Asia-Pacific, bringing together 50 C-level cloud executives to lead this initiative.

The program kicked off with consultative meetings in all three regions, followed by a series of vertical subcommittees spanning the global membership. Members told our client that they had specific vertical industry needs which were not being met by hyperscalers and other service providers. They needed fully-compliant vertical solutions which were easy to consume, help in realizing their cloud cost management goals and assistance with negotiating and realizing value from hyperscalers.

The Client redesigned its portfolio of interconnected cloud offerings under a unified offering banner, which it launched with analysts and the press to great acclaim. Delighted with the new orientation, Cloud Advisory Board members increased their cloud spending intensity with our Client by over 15%.