Case Study – Customer Win Articulation

17 Sep, 2020 By Jeremy
case study discussion

The Client, a New Zealand-based software company, had achieved a level of success with its enterprise decision automation products, but struggled to be noticed by industry analyst firms.  It considered this to be critical to demonstrate credibility in global markets beyond its strong regional footprint in Asia-Pacific


Market-facing messaging was controlled by the Founder and CEO, a strong personality and technically brilliant innovator whose understanding of the sophisticated technology underpinnings of the product set did not translate into the language of prospective buyers and partners in North America and Europe

What we did

  • Proposed configurations of the client’s product set addressing the market need to transition legacy systems directly to digital platforms with minimal cutover risk
  • Re-imagined product messaging based on a “deep dive” into the philosophy of the company and how it aligned with the publishing needs of working industry analysts
  • Greatly simplified analyst and sales presentations away from proprietary and outdated computing concepts towards more familiar language for working analysts and IT executives


  • The client successfully engaged with the three largest IT industry analyst firms, and has been introduced to several large deal opportunities in North America by analysts now aware of where it fits within the required solution architecture