Case Study — Contribution to Business Growth

18 Sep, 2020 By Jeremy

This Client’s innovation lab was not generating customer traction. Customer executives and users consistently voted it the lowest of its type. We examined the reasons for this with mock walkthroughs and live customer walkthroughs


  • The lab was staffed with tech experts who lived and breathed technology but who could not link what they had developed to helping address visitors’ business issues
  • While the team was passionate, the intricacies of the technology solution and how it had been developed were irrelevant to the business buyer
  •  There was thus a complete disconnect between what customers valued and expected and what was being demonstrated

What we did

  • Drill down into visitors’ business challenges and articulate them to the lab staff
  • Redefine the customer movement flow within the lab
  • Provide each lab employee very clear roles and scripts to articulate


  • For a large industrial mining company, we identified that their most critical
    challenge was to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in their mines
  • We redesigned the message for a new Wearable IoT Solution away from aspects of the technology, and towards a business target of reducing
    worker accidents by 99%
  • We created multiple segmented sub-themes which would each converge towards the easily comprehensible accident reduction target we identified
  • We introduced joint hackathons and customer co-innovation programs to the Lab to explore ideas which reinforced the perception that our Client was a collaborative partner working in full alignment with the mining company’s goals